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E-marketing Deluxe services

Email marketing consultancy

Need a sparring partner to help you outline your email marketing strategy, define targets and set up high-response campaigns? Look no further. Sign up for our customized consultancy program, which includes all of the above and more.

Campaign management

Yes, we are a full-service e-marketing center. All the way. That means we can help you with the partial or full setup of your email marketing campaigns. We offer you the services of a dedicated campaign manager to set up and manage your entire email marketing process.


E-coupons are a great way to generate traffic to your [e-]store and draw in new clients. They make an excellent reward for loyal customers too. No matter if you have your own network of shops or use a retail distribution network, we always offer GS1-compliant solutions.

Email design templates

Want to make sure you catch that train? Try our in-house design team for some eye-popping branded design. But don’t just settle for good looks. Once the design passes through the hands of our html experts, you’ll have a high-end template that works flawlessly in just about any email client or mobile device.

Seamless CRM/CMS integration

With the rise of online marketing and the success of online communication platforms, the freshness of your data and content has become crucial. That’s why EmailGarage aims to bridge the gap between email marketing and your existing CRM and CMS systems.

Database management

Every e-marketer agrees on the importance of a qualitative, well-segmented database. Need assistance with managing, cleaning and uploading your database? No sweat, our EmailGarage campaign managers are here to help you.

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How do you keep email fresh for the years to come?

Email has come a long way since it was first used in 1970, and widely adopted in 1993/1994. So it’s fair to say that email marketing has been around about 20 years, growing from a spray & pray tactic, to a key online performer. But how do we keep email fresh for the years to come? At EmailGarage we have been working on some interesting insights the past few months. You will hear more about them at upcoming events during the next months. But if you’d like a first teaser, mark Ocotber 16 in your diary and head over to Digital First, where we’ll be sharing some cool insights for your future email marketing strategy. … Learn more

iPhone 6: What email marketers and designers need to know

While the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus offer a range of new features, email marketers and designers are wondering how this will affect the messages received on these new devices. Let’s have a look at the possibilities we can take advantage of and the challenges we need to tackle. … Learn more

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EmailGarage is a Belgian e-marketing expertise center. We offer you the ultimate combination of a self-service email tool backed with some of the most cutting-edge e-marketing services available on the market today.

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EmailGarage is our daily help in well-segmented, personalized email marketing and accurate data collection.

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