3 key insights to make your mobile email marketing work

Mobile is a trend on the rise, and it doesn't seem that it will be ending anytime soon. That’s why it’s wise to optimize your emails and email strategy so they fit in a mobile environment. In our previous posts we’ve already given you tips on optimizing your emails for smartphones and tablets. But that’s just one – albeit important - part of a mobile strategy for your future email campaigns. Check out these 3 key findings to give you a better insight into mobile email marketing.

But first: why should we optimize for mobile? Simply put, mobile devices are changing the way we do business. Business hours are no longer 9 to 5 but have changed to 24/7. Having a multifunctional device near you significantly increases the proximity to your clients and contacts. And this does not only apply to the B2B market. Studies have shown that 27% of your emails are opened on a mobile device - roughly divided into 20% on smartphones and 7% on tablets. For your business, this means that about a quarter of your database will interact in a different way with your emails than the others.

So first you should find out who is using a smartphone. You can do that by asking for it upon registration, by using reporting or an external tool,... If you know who is reading your emails on their mobile devices, you can adapt your strategy to this target group specifically. An example? Emails are mostly read on mobile devices between 8 pm and 7 am when most people are not in the office. So clever usage of this data would mean that you would adapt your sending time to your mobile target group to later the day.

Find out here the 3 key insights to get the most from your mobile email marketing:

The growth hasn't stopped yet

There are loads of forecasts which give us an estimate of the mobile growth. Truth is that it is hard to determine. However, on one thing we all agree: the growth hasn't stopped and by the looks of it won’t cease in the near future. So if you haven't optimized your emailmarketing for mobile, you haven't yet missed the ship. If we look at the innovation cycle, we can state that we are in the middle of the early majority. A wave from the late majority and the laggards can be expected. If you don't really know how to get going, have a look at other sectors. Take the retail industry for instance: studies show that their emails are 28% exclusively opened on mobile.
People who find my email interesting will see it on their desktop later
No need to beat around the bush: only a small fraction of your database will do this. Studies show that 95% of all emails opened are opened on only one device. This undermines the theory that you get multiple shots to get your customer to click.
I’ll just optimize my emails and I’m done?
Think again. Optimizing your emails and your email strategy is just a first step in the right direction. Remember that there is a whole customer journey behind the click, so make sure that your landing pages are all optimized for mobile devices. Imagine you are sending out an exclusive invitation through an email that you have optimized for mobile. It could be that your clicks are going through the roof but registrations can be counted on one hand. If you land on a page that takes ages to load on a mobile device, or your form is developed in Flash, your readers won't be able to sign up. The only thing you can do is cross your fingers and hope they do it when they are behind their PC.
Conclusion: Mobile offers you tons of possibilities for your email strategy. Start off by measuring how many people read your email on a mobile device and act accordingly.

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