How to convince your boss to give you a bigger e-marketing budget

“Why on earth would you need a bigger budget… Can’t you send out our emails for free?”  If you’re responsible for email marketing or communications in general, you’ve probably heard that question before….

How do you counter that popular misconception and get better resources for your email marketing? Well, the best tip we can hand you is: believe in your cause. Which basically goes for any challenge you’re facing, whether it’s in business, sports or your professional career. So if your email marketing simply focuses on ‘trying to get your email out asap’, you’re probably heading down the wrong track. If you believe in relationship marketing and ROI and see email as the perfect medium for this, then you’re on your way to convincing the board to free up more resources. 

Hungry for more e-marketing budget?
Just put these 5 tips to good use

1. Set your goals

Use a marketing meeting to find out what your company would like to accomplish with the current email marketing strategy. Ask your question and be straightforward. If there’s a silence, seize the opportunity to take the lead and set goals for your strategy. That’s a good starting point to work out a spectrum that’s broader than just getting emails out.

2. Keep your boss updated

Work out a short slideshow for your weekly marketing meeting and show your boss the key takeaways from last week’s email campaigns. Rather than just presenting plain numbers, focus on 4 things: key successes, key learnings, conclusions and next steps. This will remind your boss of the power of the medium on a regular basis.

3. Work with the right people

If you’re not an experienced copywriter, designer, HTML developer or campaign manager … then look for people who fit the description and get them engaged. If you don’t have them in-house, your ESP should be able to help you out. If your emails are not being developed in a professional way, it could harm your approach in the long run.

4. Think outside the box

Don’t let the benchmarks blind you! Dare to challenge these best practices by testing if other things work better. If you are getting a perfect benchmark opened rate of, take, 60%: don’t stop there. Push yourself to take it further.

5. Calculate your ROI

Can you hear your boss say “Show me the money”? Well, make sure to have your answer ready. Calculate the ROI of your email marketing program, and show him the return per euro invested. Don’t know how to do that? We’ll help you on your way.

Conclusion: Set out these clear goals for yourself when you’re aiming for better email marketing budgets.  You’re more likely to get the ROI you need to convince your boss.

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