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8 Common mistakes made in email metrics

By EmailGarage on 31 July 2013 in Email Marketing, Reporting, Tips

Email marketing owes much of its success with marketers to metrics and reporting. No other channel allows you to track and trace your campaigns to a personal level and measure conversions with such accuracy. These are both highly effective techniques to fine-tune your communication. But be aware, there’s also something we call ‘metric deception’. If you interpret a metric in the wrong way, your decisions based upon this will be incorrect as well. For example: you are sending out e-coupons for free samples to a database of 100,000 people. If this campaign yields just one download, it’s a bad thing. If, for your next campaign you get 5 downloads, you’re still stuck with a bad campaign. But you can also make it sound positive by saying you have managed a 500% boost in conversion. Get our point?

How to use Vine or Instagram video in email marketing

By EmailGarage on 29 July 2013 in Email Marketing, Trends, Tips, Social media

If you know your way around the web, you‘ve probably bumped into Vine. This Twitter tool allows you to create looping videos of 6 seconds max. And lately the battle for the short video users has begun when Instagram launched its video service, allowing users to create short videos of 15 seconds. And Instagram even takes it a step further: it allows users to overlay their videos with a special filter. Now that the smoke has cleared and the dust has settled, it’s time to find out how you can put this technique to good use in email marketing.

How marketers are grasping back to email marketing

By EmailGarage on 10 July 2013 in Email Marketing, Tips

If you are a frequent visitor of news sites or blogs about digital marketing, you'll have noticed that this sector is rapidly evolving. Every day different sources announce the ‘next big thing’ in digital marketing, but only few can really push through. Remember new possibilities like the QR codes? We massively adopted them, only to turn our backs on them once the analysis revealed that they’re just a minimal traffic generator. Not to mention the fact that they look absolutely dreadful in a design.

What’s new in the revamped Gmail inbox?

By EmailGarage on 4 July 2013 in Email Marketing, Rendering, Tips, Deliverability, Technology

If you’re reading this in a free email client, chances are you’re doing it in Gmail. In 2012 Google announced that its Gmail service had reached the cape of 425 million monthly active users, surpassing Hotmail for the first time. Up to this date, it still is the largest email service in the world. To safeguard that position, Gmail is constantly optimizing its user experience. The recent makeover of the Gmail inbox holds some noteworthy changes for us email marketers…

Does ‘the best timing to send an email’ exist at all?

By EmailGarage on 24 June 2013 in Email Marketing, Personalization, Deliverability, Targeting

Whether you are a marketing director or an online manager, whether you work at an agency or are on the client side, you’ll probably have asked yourself ‘when is the best time to send a newsletter?’ Good email timing does indeed have an effect on the performance of your campaign. But come to think about it: is doing an A/B test on the perfect timing for your email campaign the best you can do? We doubt it.

Is email marketing ready to tame the Cannes Lions?

By EmailGarage on 20 June 2013 in

Creativity, it’s a word that’s being tossed around far too easy these days. We see brands claiming to make creative email campaigns. But in reality, they’re just adding a twist to their mainstream communication. There’s nothing wrong with that at all. But do remember that the inbox is becoming an overcrowded space. If you’re just ‘good’, you’re not good enough. Excellence and relevance are the key drivers that determine the success of your campaign. So being just good, is not going to cut it anymore.

How to use AuthorRank in email marketing

By EmailGarage on 6 June 2013 in Email Marketing, Authenticity

 ‘AuthorRank’. Just open any website about digital marketing and it will definitely pop up as one of the hot topics. This nifty approach is in fact a new metric in which content can be ranked according to the author who created it. But how do you know who has written a piece of unique content? With AuthorRank content creators can link their content to their Google+ profile by using rich snippets. This way Google can link that piece of unique content to a certain profile on Google+.

Ever tried the 3C model to refine your email marketing strategy?

By EmailGarage on 29 May 2013 in Email Marketing, Rendering, Tips, Authenticity

If we’d ask you about your strategy, would you be able to clearly define it? We’re just wondering, as most of the time we get no answer to that question. Or we get an answer to an entirely different question. Saying you want to ‘increase sales with 40% over a period of 3 years’ is not a strategy. That’s a goal. Stating you want to ‘help people differentiate themselves and help them build their own identity’ is a vision. Saying ‘you want to keep your promise of a fulfilling lifetime ownership experience by offering the best quality possible’ is your mission statement. And finally, if you think your strategy is ‘doing email marketing’, well that’s more of a tactic. But… what exactly is strategy then?

Why context marketing is the next big thing in email marketing

By EmailGarage on 23 May 2013 in Email Marketing, Reporting, Personalization, Rendering, Tips, Social media

“If content is king, context is queen”. It’s not just about what you are saying. When you are saying it, and exactly which words you’re using are crucial as well. Makes sense, doesn’t it? Imagine you have to get your message across to two people. You know one person’s age, gender and interests, … and the other one is a complete stranger. Obviously, your approach will be different. The person whose details you know, will get a more personalized experience as you would adapt your content to the context.

How your email expertise can help other company departments

By EmailGarage on 30 April 2013 in Email Marketing, Tips, Targeting

Marketers tend to focus on high open and clickthrough rates, finding ways to grow their list, improve conversion,… and for most of the time, that will be one of their main goals. In essence, when you’re talking about email marketing, most heads will turn towards the marketing department. But is email marketing sole property of those marketers? The answer is ‘no’.

Transactional emails for offline retailers? Here’s how it’s done

By EmailGarage on 24 April 2013 in Email Marketing, Personalization, Tips

Transactional emails are a powerful tool to engage your customer in one of the crucial stages in the customer lifecycle: the moment of purchase. These emails help you jumpstart the relationship, enhance customer engagement and reinforce your brand image. And here’s an extra incentive: transactional emails triggered by an offline purchase will have an even higher engagement rate.

5 new metrics to improve your email marketing!

By EmailGarage on 18 April 2013 in Email Marketing, Reporting, Trends, Tips, Social media

When we think about email marketing metrics, the first things that come to mind are definitely opened and clicked rates. When thinking a little further, we also take unsubscribe rates, delivery rates, bounce rates, date and time reports into account. And let’s be frank about it: these metrics are the backbone of any solid reporting… but they don’t completely reveal how your email marketing strategy affects your business.

What can you learn from your B2B or B2C counterparts?

By EmailGarage on 11 April 2013 in Email Marketing, Trends, Rendering, Tips

“Do you have clients in B2B?”, “Can you show me proven campaigns in B2C relationship building?”, “How do you manage lead nurturing via email?” … These are some of the questions we get on a daily basis. Many companies draw a strict line between B2B and B2C email marketing because the approach seems to be completely different. But, is it really? Because remember, it’s all people’s business out there. And behind every personal email address, there’s a B2C consumer as well as a B2B purchaser.Admittedly, there is a difference between B2B and B2C email marketing. But in essence, the difference isn’t as big as you would expect.

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