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How to write a one-line strategy
 using the GET-TO-BY principle

By EmailGarage on 25 June 2014 in Email Marketing, Tips

Ask people about their email strategy and too often you will get the answer: “I want to get better conversion” or “I want to boost traffic to my site”. And though those are great objectives, they have little to do with strategy. Strategy is more about defining why you are using email as a channel. And as with most things, if you can explain it in a simple way, it’s good! We at EmailGarage summarize all our strategies in one sentence, by adding three simple words: GET, TO and BY.

ERFM. Or how to boost return by coupling email engagement tracking with RFM scoring

By EmailGarage on 20 June 2014 in Email Marketing, Reporting, Tips, Targeting

Making the effectiveness of your email channel match audience expectations as well as company objectives is no easy task. That’s why marketers are looking for manageable ways to make email marketing more relevant, timelier and more attuned to the recipient’s stage in the customer lifecycle.By combining proven segmentation methods with available online data knowledge, email segmentation can look much smarter. And ERFM — short for Engagement-RFM — is a solid methodology to do so.

Use customer lifecycle to map behavior and align actions

By EmailGarage on 30 May 2014 in Email Marketing, Tips, Authenticity

The customer lifecycle puts your prospects and customers at the center of your marketing efforts. It emphasizes the importance of post-purchase engagement and loyalty, and it once again proves the value of delivering a superior customer brand experience. Join us on a short trip through the four customer lifecycle phases and discover how essential email marketing is as a relational tool...

10 take-aways from the Email Expo in Frankfurt

By EmailGarage on 21 May 2014 in Email Marketing, Trends, Tips, Events and seminars

Last week, Emailgarage attended Europe’s biggest email conference, the Email Expo in Frankfurt. Speakers such as Dela Quist, Michael Leander and Dave Chaffey talked about their vision of e-mail marketing and what can be expected over the next couple of years. We’ll go into details in the next couple of tipmails, but first we wanted to share the key takeaways. And since plain text is not really all that attractive, we’ve created this nifty infograph:

A recap on which digital marketing trends to add to the mix

By EmailGarage on 16 May 2014 in Email Marketing, Trends, Tips, Technology, Social media, Facebook, Mobile

Email, social, mobile, search marketing,…: these are all important media worth considering in your marketing mix. But what are the crucial must-knows? Which changes have shaken the marketing landscape recently? How are consumers shifting between media? And what’s the wisest way to invest your digital marketing budget?

The difference between campaign opened rate and customer engagement rate

By EmailGarage on 7 May 2014 in Email Marketing, Reporting, Tips

The opened rate is one of email marketing’s oldest metrics. And however email critics question the value of number of opens, we can be very clear about this: the opened rate is an absolute key insight in email campaign analytics. But if we are digging deeper and looking into analytics on a customer level, then the opened rate per campaign becomes less relevant. In this case it’s better to calculate the engagement rate.

Gmail’s grid view: the next step in email marketing

By EmailGarage on 9 April 2014 in Email Marketing, Tips

Gmail recently launched grid view, a new way to view your emails. This new design, with a high Pinterest feel to it, is currently only available for users who have an English account, and who have actively chosen for this new inbox. Following the positive feedback, we expect that Gmail will be rolling out this feature to all their users. But how does this affect your email marketing strategy?

How in-store locations can drive email opt-ins and start a customer journey

By EmailGarage on 14 March 2014 in Opt-in, Tips

Collecting email opt-in addresses in-store can be a valuable addition to your existing online acquisition process. Not only because of the extra contacts, but particularly because it’s an opportunity to build relationships with people who are showing interest and engagement by coming into your store. Regardless whether they buy or not. Once you have an opt-in, you can start using your email and other digital channels to strengthen and deepen these offline relationships.

Email got caught in a spam filter? Here’s what to do…

By EmailGarage on 27 February 2014 in Email Marketing, Opt-in, Rendering, Tips, Deliverability

You have an email marketing program up and running. You’re collecting opt-in data and are putting hard work into having a certain frequency in email sending. But strangely enough, your reports show a decrease in open en click-through rates. Could be that your email deliverability is under pressure and that you’re caught in junk folders. Now that’s a bummer…

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