3 major takeaways on new test results for email send times

Interesting Podcast by EmailSherpa on US send times in email marketing.

Sending your emails at the right time of the day can be crucial whether you are a B2B or consumer marketer. It can be especially critical if you market to an international audience.

That’s why it is eye-opening to chat with Hunter Boyle, Managing Editor, MarketingExperiments. He recently tested sending emails at the brink of dawn and in the wee hours of the morning.

Among the intriguing things he learned:

- Emails sent before 9 a.m. dramatically lift clickthrough rates.

- Early-bird execs on the East Coast respond to email before their workday begins.

- Time-zone segments are worth testing for marketers with international lists.

Find the podcast here

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Kelly Lorenz

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Hey there,
I absolutely agree with you on testing time zone segments to see the impact where your audience lives has on your opens/clicks/conversions. I do believe there is a correlation between time of day and behavior.
However, I think it's important to remember that it varies industry-to-industry, and even business-to-business, so what works for Hunter and MarketingExperiments won't necessarily work for another company.
Testing is definitely the key takeaway here.
-Kelly Lorenz

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