4 methods to boost your brand credibility

Long gone are the days when advertisers had a monopoly on their communication media. The ‘social revolution’ completely altered the way consumers look for the best product or service to suit their needs.

Did you know that 90% of all consumers worldwide trust peer recommendations? Sites like Yelp, which are hot in the States, are swiftly gaining popularity in European countries too. Consumers increasingly value the fact that they can use these platforms to share their good, not-so-good and downright awful experiences about products and services. Fair enough. But what does this evolution mean for us marketers? How do we communicate with consumers who are becoming more and more critical about our products and services?

The answer is: openness. If you, as a brand, are receptive to feedback, and share this with your customer database, the consumer will perceive you as an honest and authentic brand. It’s up to you to learn from that first-hand feedback and put it to good use in your email marketing.

Just follow these 4 simple methods and get started …

1.   Add testimonials

Okay, this may sound like kicking in an open door, but testimonials from customers still work. Let them share their opinion on your products and services and incorporate that in your communication. Be sure to mention — if they are ok with it — their names and faces to really give the testimonial that human touch. Be sure to offer something in return and provide links back to their site to help boost their search engine score.

2.   Link to search queries on social media
Find out what they are saying about your brand.
Most social platforms have search tools to see who is talking about your brand (like Twitter search), others do search queries on multiple social platforms (like Social mention). Use the content that is generated here in your emails, or even better: link to the actual search query in your emails. But only use this option if you are active on these platforms and actively communicate with consumers and answer questions. Want to find out what people are saying about EmailGarage? Find out right here:


3.   Publish client interviews
This is somewhat similar to method #2, but here you seize the opportunity to ask your clients or users about their key learnings. Talk to them, see how they tackle certain problems and share their knowledge with your consumer database (or that part of your client portfolio you think it’s relevant for). You’d be surprised about the knowledge your clients have built up and even you, as a brand, can learn a lot about your products or services from your own clients.

4.   Link to other resources

There’s a zillion terabytes worth of content floating around the web. But that shouldn’t keep you from sharing perfectly good content with your client database. Be aware that, as a brand, you don’t have to know everything better. Rather share relevant content and inspire your clients on how to implement this to benefit from it.

Conclusion: stay receptive to your clients’ opinions and share that authentic user-generated content in your email marketing. It’s guaranteed to make your brand credibility stronger.

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