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Why smart marketers integrate data mining

Par EmailGarage le 28 août 2014 à Email Marketing, Opt-in, Tips

A growing database is a key factor in getting more ROI from your email marketing. It lets you build reach and it increases the return on A/B tests or multivariate tests. But often marketers struggle to build a database, even though they have the basics installed, like a newsletter sign-up. But do you want to really excel in the growth of your email database? Then it’s best to integrate data mining into your strategy, and even make it a core component in your digital marketing strategy.

4 smart tips on how to monitor your competitors

Par EmailGarage le 22 août 2014 à

Whether you’re in marketing, sales, management or any other division, you are constantly gathering information from clients, internal processes, the market, competitors,… Smart companies can shift these information flows into systematical processes, to create an information framework that influences decisions, better known as business intelligence. A main part of this intelligence is knowing what your competitors are doing. So how can you, as an email marketer or online marketer, keep track of your competitors?

Twitter cards: social sign-up 2.0

Par EmailGarage le 24 juillet 2014 à Email Marketing, Opt-in, Social media

“Use social media to get new subscribers”. It’s possibly not the first time you have come across that tip. In fact, most of us will probably have promoted their subscribe page via a Twitter post, implemented a form on Facebook or posted a subscribe link on LinkedIn. But let’s face it, when we look at the percentage of new subscribers, social media tend to account for only a fraction of all traffic. One year ago however, Twitter launched something that makes it easier to subscribe via social media: Twitter lead generation cards.

Email reputation: how to get your email in the inbox

Par EmailGarage le 16 juillet 2014 à Opt-in, Tips, Deliverability, Authenticity

As a marketer you put a lot of energy into engaging with your target audience: creating well-designed emails, selecting databases, deciding on content, copywriting, etc. But no matter how well you plan your email marketing campaign, there is a real risk it won’t be read if you fail to build a good email reputation that maximizes email deliverability. On average, 18% of legitimate marketing emails never reach recipients’ inboxes, which translates into lost contacts, lost opportunities and lost revenue.

2015: the revival year for email marketing?

Par EmailGarage le 10 juillet 2014 à Email Marketing, Trends, Tips

Email marketing has had a turbulent couple of years. It has always been a backbone in any email strategy, but for some reason, it also is a frequently challenged channel. Can email keep up the expectations in this rapidly evolving online world? Rest assured: email is a cornerstone which works best when integrated with all other online channels. So it's not about choosing channel ‘X’ OR channel ‘Y’, but the secret of success lies in how you combine both channels. And let's take it even a step further in bold statements: 2015 will be the year of email revival. Why? Find out here.

How to write a one-line strategy
 using the GET-TO-BY principle

Par EmailGarage le 25 juin 2014 à Email Marketing, Tips

Ask people about their email strategy and too often you will get the answer: “I want to get better conversion” or “I want to boost traffic to my site”. And though those are great objectives, they have little to do with strategy. Strategy is more about defining why you are using email as a channel. And as with most things, if you can explain it in a simple way, it’s good! We at EmailGarage summarize all our strategies in one sentence, by adding three simple words: GET, TO and BY.

ERFM. Or how to boost return by coupling email engagement tracking with RFM scoring

Par EmailGarage le 20 juin 2014 à Email Marketing, Reporting, Tips, Targeting

Making the effectiveness of your email channel match audience expectations as well as company objectives is no easy task. That’s why marketers are looking for manageable ways to make email marketing more relevant, timelier and more attuned to the recipient’s stage in the customer lifecycle.By combining proven segmentation methods with available online data knowledge, email segmentation can look much smarter. And ERFM — short for Engagement-RFM — is a solid methodology to do so.

Use customer lifecycle to map behavior and align actions

Par EmailGarage le 30 mai 2014 à Email Marketing, Tips, Authenticity

The customer lifecycle puts your prospects and customers at the center of your marketing efforts. It emphasizes the importance of post-purchase engagement and loyalty, and it once again proves the value of delivering a superior customer brand experience. Join us on a short trip through the four customer lifecycle phases and discover how essential email marketing is as a relational tool...

10 take-aways from the Email Expo in Frankfurt

Par EmailGarage le 21 mai 2014 à Email Marketing, Trends, Tips, Events and seminars

Last week, Emailgarage attended Europe’s biggest email conference, the Email Expo in Frankfurt. Speakers such as Dela Quist, Michael Leander and Dave Chaffey talked about their vision of e-mail marketing and what can be expected over the next couple of years. We’ll go into details in the next couple of tipmails, but first we wanted to share the key takeaways. And since plain text is not really all that attractive, we’ve created this nifty infograph:

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