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Want to maximize response? Team up with your copywriter.

Par Tim Karpisek le 29 septembre 2011 à Email Marketing, Trends, Tips, Copywriting

As an email marketer you will more than once have sat yourself behind your text editor, perfectly knowing what you want to write about. But somehow the words just don’t seem to come through. It’s no disgrace to have creative off-day. Sometimes it’s a better option to call in the cavalry: get a professional copywriter to provide you with well-written and structured content for your emails.

How do you make email clients accept polls?

Par Tim Karpisek le 22 septembre 2011 à Email Marketing, Opt-in, Tips, Technology, Surveys

How often do you click on a quick poll when you’re browsing a website? Chances are you won’t do it a lot, but sometimes you just can’t resist clicking to share your opinion. And it’s even cooler when you can immediately check what everybody else thinks and see how your contribution influences the results. It’s a clever tactic you can set up for your own company. Want to know if visitors have heard about your latest product? Or how often they use your brand? Put up a simple poll and find out.

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