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5 things you should know about effective preference centers

Par EmailGarage le 5 juillet 2012 à Email Marketing, Tips, Social media

What if your contacts could determine the frequency of your email, which content they would like to receive and even on which other channels they want to follow you? Looks tough? Well, in fact it isn't all that hard. All you have to do is set up a web form that allows them to choose their preferred communication type. We know, these forms have been around for a while. But for some reason, they don't seem to really catch on. And that's a pity, because these ‘preference centers’ have an enormous potential.

The 10 best ways to spice up your emails with animated GIFs

Par EmailGarage le 28 juin 2012 à Email Marketing, Trends, Design, Tips

When we talk about animated GIFs, you’ll probably dream off to the 90s when we were all experimenting with our very first websites. You’ll remember those one page websites that had no content but were filled to the brim with heavy animated GIFs. Need to freshen up your memory? Just have look at this website, we bet you’ll recognize every single animated GIF… Hammer time! 

Beware: these 5 things could kill your email campaign

Par EmailGarage le 7 juin 2012 à Email Marketing, Design, Tips

Up for a little challenge? Think about the worst email ever. Here’s our email marketer‘s nightmare: an email with its text pasted into an image, the font is comic sans in light green on a black background. There are no links and the text is one seemingly endless piece of copy, with just one picture… a stock photo with the vendor’s watermark still on it. Ugh.

D’ya think email marketing is sexy?

Par EmailGarage le 24 mai 2012 à Email Marketing, Trends, Tips

“Do you think email marketing is sexy?” Most of the times when we pop this question at the beginning of a presentation we see startled faces, fall into an uncomfortable silence or even get plain laughter. We swiftly counter that by saying that it’s not a rhetorical question. That there really is an answer. That’s when the chuckling stops and eyebrows are raised. Well, the answer to this question is as simple as can be. Email marketing has an unsexy image, because frankly: we don’t make it sexy.

3 key insights to make your mobile email marketing work

Par EmailGarage le 19 avril 2012 à Email Marketing, Rendering, Tips, Deliverability

Mobile is a trend on the rise, and it doesn't seem that it will be ending anytime soon. That’s why it’s wise to optimize your emails and email strategy so they fit in a mobile environment. In our previous posts we’ve already given you tips on optimizing your emails for smartphones and tablets. But that’s just one – albeit important - part of a mobile strategy for your future email campaigns. Check out these 3 key findings to give you a better insight into mobile email marketing.

How to evaluate your subscription channels

Par EmailGarage le 12 avril 2012 à Email Marketing, Tips, Deliverability, Technology

Growing your database is important for your online marketing strategy, no need to point that out. If you are not harvesting new email addresses, your email database will shrink gradually because there are always a number of unsubscribes per mailing. That’s why investing in maintaining — and preferably growing — your email database, is critical for every email marketing strategy.

10 things to do before you hit that “send” button

Par EmailGarage le 29 mars 2012 à Email Marketing, Tips, Technology | 1 comment

Rattling nerves. Shaky hands. Cold sweat. As an e-marketer you have undoubtedly felt the stress just before you hit that send button. You checked your email at least ten times, verified the ‘from’ and ‘reply to’ addresses, revised your subject lines, scanned the text for typo’s,… but still: right after your clicked ‘send’, you find out that one link doesn’t work properly. Bummer!

How to calculate the ROI on your email marketing

Par EmailGarage le 22 mars 2012 à Email Marketing, Tips

We admit it: it can be a tough one. For those who don’t want to go through the trouble of calculating the ROI on their own email program: most researches estimate the ROI of email marketing at 41,00 US Dollars or 31,00 Euros. This may be a benchmark of several international studies which can convince people to start with email marketing, but it tells you nothing about the ROI of your own campaigns.

Want to implement a popup registration box on your website?

Par EmailGarage le 15 mars 2012 à Email Marketing, Opt-in, Trends, Tips, Targeting

“How on earth do I add more relevant contacts in my email database?”… it’s a question you’ve undoubtedly asked yourself at some point. Well, to tell you the truth:  there is no one-size-fits-all method that guarantees a huge email database. However, there is a clever way to have people subscribe to your newsletter and keep them connected. The secret is in the combination of good content and well-chosen and implemented tactics such as sender strategies, optimized registration, timing, automation,… 

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