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Are you a vertical or a horizontal email marketer?

Door EmailGarage op 19 december 2014 in Email Marketing, Tips

Whether you’re using omni-channel, cross-channel or multi-channel as a strategy, email will definitely have a place in your marketing mix. But where exactly do we fit in email marketing? Is it just another channel you use, in addition to social, website, print, search,…? Or is it rather an influencer for all these channels? Otherwise put, what is the most effective way to put your email marketing to work: the horizontal or the vertical approach?

7 Reasons to test every email before pushing the send button

Door EmailGarage op 12 december 2014 in Email Marketing, Personalization, Rendering, Tips, Copywriting, Mobile

Every email deserves to be tested. Even if you’ve just tested that template you’re using yesterday. Email programs and apps are not only capable of breaking your design, but also links, subject lines, images, … the whole lot.Each and every time your finger hovers over the send button, you should check (and double check!) for these 11 critical mistakes. Neglecting them could significantly affect your opens, clicks, conversions, and most importantly—your brand.

Your 2015 Content Planner is here!

Door EmailGarage op 27 november 2014 in Email Marketing, Personalization, Tips, Copywriting

Yes, it’s that time of the year again... Christmas campaigns are being developed, New Year's communication is about to be set up, and content plans for 2015 are made. To help you with your very own content plan, we at Emailgarage want to be the first to hand you a useful Christmas gift: an updated content wheel for 2015 with special dates and new events to help you plan your top topical content!

6 to-do’s that influence the behavior of email personas

Door EmailGarage op 14 november 2014 in Email Marketing, Tips

Why are Pinterest users attractive to brands? Most likely because they have an intention to buy. When someone pins stuff like home decoration, fashionable suits or DIY tools, there’s a good chance that user intends to buy things related to those topics. And knowing what transforms this buying intention into an actual purchase is a challenge for all marketers. Wondering what the top triggers are that stimulate purchase behavior? We’ll tell you more…

5 C's for a killer email content block

Door EmailGarage op 17 oktober 2014 in Email Marketing, Tips, Copywriting, Mobile

Over the past few years the build-up of email content blocks has changed a lot. And rightfully so. The increased use of mobile devices has forced us to adapt the reading experience to smaller screens. Desktop inboxes have become overcrowded, leading to rigorous filtering behavior. And in the not so distant future emails will be read on wearable devices such as smartwatches.

How do you keep email fresh for the years to come?

Door EmailGarage op 2 oktober 2014 in Email Marketing, Tips, Events and seminars

Email has come a long way since it was first used in 1970, and widely adopted in 1993/1994. So it’s fair to say that email marketing has been around about 20 years, growing from a spray & pray tactic, to a key online performer. But how do we keep email fresh for the years to come? At EmailGarage we have been working on some interesting insights the past few months. You will hear more about them at upcoming events. But if you’d like a first teaser, mark October 16 in your diary and head over to Digital First, where we’ll be sharing some cool insights for your future email marketing strategy.

Improve your emails by combining 3 types of content

Door EmailGarage op 19 september 2014 in Tips, Copywriting

Ask a hundred marketers what their main challenge is over the next 12 months, and probably half of them will say: “producing good content”. But creating a good piece of content requires creativity, inspiration, skills and passion. And for most brands it‘s nearly impossible to create unique content formats every day. This is where keeping a good balance between the 3 main types of content can help you…

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