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Whitelisting vs. Reputation Management

Door Tim Karpisek op 4 mei 2009 in Email Marketing, Trends, Tips, Deliverability, Technology | 1 comment

In the battle against spam, ISP's came up with strong spamfilters. Due to this spam filtering process some legitimate emails were also blocked, known as false positives. To avoid this kind of email deliverability problems, a process of whitelisting was implemented, certainly not the easiest method. Why would an ISP whitelist a sender if it isn't of any interest for him. But anyway, whitelisting procedures are almost over. The new standard is Reputation Management.

The IAB email marketing cookbook 2009

Door Tim Karpisek op 29 april 2009 in Email Marketing, Opt-in, Reporting, Personalization, Trends, Design, Rendering, Tips, Deliverability, Technology, Targeting, Lists, Copywriting, Iab, Landing pages

IAB Belgium and the email marketing taskforce launched the new “Email Marketing Cookbook”. This email marketing manual written by the IAB Email Marketing Taskforce gives a widespread overview of all you have to know about email marketing.  A must for every email marketer !!

Are you taking your recipients’ feedback seriously?

Door Tim Karpisek op 14 april 2009 in Email Marketing, Personalization, Tips | 1 comment

Sending out your e-news or email campaigns on a regular basis is a wise decision. But be aware that, if you increase your frequency too much, you'll probably get more unsubscribes and spam complaints. Handle problems as they occur to minimize any damage to your sender reputation (still the number one factor ISPs consider when deciding whether to block, reroute, or deliver your email!). Correct problems as soon as you or you staff can: review messages in different browsers and platforms, clean up bad or broken HTML code, test all links and email addresses,…

Use HTML that doesn't hurt

Door Tim Karpisek op 7 februari 2009 in Email Marketing, Design, Tips, Deliverability, Technology

Waiting for a large message to download when the file size wasn't justified by the content is frustrating, especially for people with limited access time or who pay by the minute for their connections. Optimize, resize or omit graphics altogether to keep your file size small. If you can keep the total size limited to 50 Kilobytes, you'll have happy subscribers.

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