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Keep subject lines short and simple

Door Tim Karpisek op 22 februari 2010 in Email Marketing, Personalization, Tips, Copywriting | 3 comments

Epsilon research showed that shorter subject lines often correlate with higher open rates and click rates. Their experts evaluated the correlation between the length of a subject line of each campaign and the unique open and total click rates. In addition to that, the study suggests that subject line word order, word choice, and brand and audience awareness are also critical success factors.

Day 1 @ the Miami MarketingSherpa Email Marketing Summit 2010

Door Tim Karpisek op 21 januari 2010 in Email Marketing, Personalization, Trends, Design, Tips, Targeting, Events and seminars, Copywriting, Landing pages

The kick-off of this Miami MarketringSherpa Email Summit started with a pre-workshop hosted by MarketingExperiments. Keynote speaker was Dr. Flint McGlaughlin. I’ve met Flint 2 years ago and every single one of his courses are still an eye opener to me.  The scientific approach on email marketing effectiveness is not only efficient; it also gives you a clear view and a reference method on each email marketing approach you are setting up.

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